Weekend of Words #1 – The Crown of Zeus

Published December 10, 2011 by christinenorris

This little bit is from Book One of the Library of Athena series, The Crown of Zeus. Here’s the setup: Megan Montgomery has been forced (due to her father’s job transfer) to move from awesome New York apartment to a gloomy, lonely manor somewhere in the wilds of England. She, understandably, is not happy about this. Now we find her and her father arriving at The Parthenon, the estate  where she will be held captive living. They are greeted by Bailey, the dour and impeccably dressed butler, and shown inside.  Enjoy!

“Please follow me.” The butler led them across the entrance hall and up the staircase. When they reached the landing, Megan’s father stopped to inspect the large statue.

“This is beautiful. Where did it come from?”

Bailey’s face remained stony. “I believe, sir, this particular sculpture was discovered by Sir Gregory on one of his expeditions to Greece. It is the goddess Athena. This was Sir Gregory’s particular favorite. His pride and joy, if you will.”

Megan raised her hand, as if she were in class. “Uh, okay, question. Who was Sir Gregory?”

“He built The Parthenon,” was all Bailey said in reply.

“Sir Gregory traveled to Greece a lot, did he?” her father asked as they continued their climb to the second floor.

“Yes, sir. He was a noted archaeologist as well as a collector of fine art and antiques. Every treasure within the house, he discovered himself.”

Megan stopped at the top of the stairs to look at a portrait of a young man. His brown hair was short and neat, his head erect, but his eyes twinkled impishly, and he wore a crooked, rakish grin on his face. “Who’s this?”

Bailey pulled his shoulders back. “That is Sir Gregory himself. In his younger days, of course. He was only about thirty-five when this was painted, I believe. I had not yet come into his service.”

“He doesn’t look like an art collector,” Megan’s father said. “Or an archeologist, for that matter.”

“He liked to think of himself as an adventurer.” Megan thought she saw a flicker of a smile cross Bailey’s lips, but before she could be certain, he turned and walked away.

“This way, please.”

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