Weekend of Words!

Published December 10, 2011 by christinenorris

I know how it is. It’s two weeks until Christmas, and you are beginning to panic because you thought you were nearly done with shopping and then realized…

you aren’t.

I have the same problem. But maybe I can help you out just a little. You see, I have three books that are published, and available in many formats, from dead tree to Nook and Kindle and .pdf, whatever you could possibly want. Maybe you have a reader on your holiday list (it could happen). And maybe you look at my books on my website and think, “hmmm….maybe *insert name here* would like one of those, but I’m not sure. How can I read some of it and get an idea of what it’s like?

Well, I DO have some excerpts on the website. BUT, just for this weekend, I thought I could give you all a little bit extra, some snippets that people don’t usually see without buying the book first. Sound good?

Watch this space. This weekend I will randomly post bits from all three of the Library of Athena series books for you to peruse. Feel free to ask questions, I love questions. And, because I have a Kindle Fire myself, I checked out the new Kindle gift giving program. It used to be that if you purchased one, it showed up in the Kindle right away. NOW, you can schedule delivery, say, for 6 am December 25th. Cool, eh?

Hey, I’m just trying to help you out with your holiday shopping 🙂 I’m giving that way.

Stay tuned!



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