Patience is a virtue…

Published February 26, 2012 by christinenorris

Sorry, my lovelies, no video blog this week. My trip to NYC pushed me behind on grad school work, and so I am catching up with that, plus getting our taxes filed. Not that the trip wasn’t worth every second — I shopped on Times Square and got a new Swatch (like I need another watch, but I love Swatch!), went and bought makeup in Sephora for the first time ever.  We walked down 57th Street in the rain and looked in all the windows (like Tiffany’s and Coach) and ate too much, and enjoyed a fabulous ballet and slept in a great bed in a wonderful hotel with a terrific view of the Husdon. It was a wonderful time away.

But now I have to pay the price and work to catch up.

Meanwhile, my eye thing turned out to be a corneal infection, and so I bought a new pair of glasses to wear when I don’t feel like wearing contacts. Which, as I get older, I realize may be more days than before, because wearing contacts was always part vanity. My hubby likes the new ones, all in-style plastic frames that do look pretty good. I still hate wearing glasses when it’s hot, and you get all sweaty under the nose pieces, but on the weekends it might become the norm.

I’m working on a topic for the next video blog, never fear darlings, hopefully next week!

Stay awesome.


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