The Way of Publishing

Published May 19, 2012 by christinenorris

So, as with all things, publishing falls within the realm of Murphy’s Law– that which can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time. Thus has it been with getting this book out the door.

Everything started out great…I got the galleys in plenty of time. I went over them, picking up every little mistake (and only about 30 in 269 pages is pretty good, I think). Then I got to the end and noticed a HUGE continuity error. ACK. Wasn’t going to be a quick fix either, and I was headed out of town.

BUT… the place where I was had wi-fi. So I was able to fix the problem AND email the new bits to the editor. Whew!

THEN… I find out that the cover artist has totally dropped the ball insomuch as he has not finished the flat. The ART was done, but the flat was not ready. C.R.A.P. If I had not been planning to launch at Balticon, it would not have been an issue. But we are on a deadline.

Yes, I was freaking out. Just in case there was any question about that.

BUT…then last night my excellent editor emails me and says that we can make the art work. The flat will be done TODAY and uploaded to the printer. And then (barring any major catastrophes at the printer) the books SHOULD be ready by Tuesday.

I’m leaving Friday afternoon.

Again, awesome editor comes through. She will ship books TO THE HOTEL, so they will be there when I get there.

I seriously need an umbrelly drink.  Cross your fingers that all this works out.

Meanwhile, I will be posting teasers and reviews all week long.  If you will be stopping by Balticon, the launch party is Sunday night from 7-9 pm. I will only be staying until 8, since I have to head to a panel.  I will also be autographing and reading at the Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading, in case you miss the party.  But the party will have prizes and food 🙂


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