A “What you want to know” interview and giveaway!

Published June 29, 2012 by christinenorris

So, I’m thinking you all (all five of you that read this) want to know more about me and my books.  And I want to TELL you, I sure do. But I don’t want to just blather on about stuff you don’t care about.

Just for fun, here’s what we’re going to do. You have a burning question about me or my new book, THE SWORD OF DANU? Post it in the comments on THIS post. I will take those questions and answer them in a video blog!

Oh, and everyone who sends in a question will be entered in a grab-bag giveaway. What the heck is that? Well, I have a bunch of stuff hanging around the house — books, promo items, homemade jewelry– that I will put into a packages. I will randomly select three question-submitters and sent them a prize! It will be a total surprise what you get! Fun, right?

I’m taking questions starting now and ending on Tuesday, July 3.  I will do the video interview a week from now (barring any major complications in my life.)

*I respectfully reserve the right to not answer any question if I don’t feel it’s appropriate. Just tellin’ you now. Make ’em good ones. Oh, and please make sure I can get a hold of you — leave an email or make sure there is some way to identify you once the contest is over.

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One comment on “A “What you want to know” interview and giveaway!

  • Christine, since you let me read the book, I might be prejudice. lol So how is it that you make your characters relateable? Is it just how you write or do you write from how you would react in the same situation. I really like your page by they way and I’m usually not a pink girl 🙂

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