Where to buy books (uh, that would be MY books).

Published November 16, 2012 by christinenorris

I know, right? I don’t blog for two whole months, and then I hit you with a sales pitch. Well, sort of, but not really. Just being helpful.

So I noticed that on Amazon they have the trade paperback edition of The Crown of Zeus is listed at shipping in 5-7 weeks. Uh, that’s right through the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus buying season! This sometimes happens when Amazon runs out of copies (yay!), and I noticed it last week but it’s sticking around.

So…if you wanted to purchase a copy of this book, where else could you get it? Well, B&N, of course. But if you’re into buying things from small business owners, or buying direct, you could get the book from the publisher! Like HERE. That goes for the sequel, The Ankh of Isis. 

If you are interested in the other two books in the series, and want to skip Amazon or B&N, you can find them at Zumaya Publications. The Mirror of Yu-Huang and The Sword of Danu

You’ll also notice I have this nifty Authorgraph widget on the sidebar. That used to be called Kindlegraph, but now you can get an autograph for any type of e-book.

And I promise semi-regular posting will commence in the near future. I have a lot to tell you!



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