Being Artsy-Fartsy

Published January 12, 2013 by christinenorris

I have discovered that most people I know who write, also do other creative things. Some paint or draw. Some sew. Some make music. Having a second (or third) creative outlet seems to be the rule of authors rather than the exception, which is interesting.

Among other things. I’ve done a lot of ‘crafty’ things in my life — when I had time and space, I would sew. Yes, I can sew. When I was younger, I did embroidery. I have crocheted (taught myself with instructions on the interwebz), and made candles, and sculpted with clay (not always with success).

Currently my thing is making beaded jewelry. It is fun, and easy, and I am addicted to shiny, sparkly beads. SHINY!  SPARKLY! I make more than I could ever wear–not that I wouldn’t try–and I did have some success selling it at a craft show, and to co-workers, so last week I got out a catalog and placed a LARGE order for beads and findings.  Large.

And…I relaunched my Etsy shop. There are a few things up there now, and as soon as my order comes in (TODAY! YAY!) I get it sorted, I will have more.  Mostly bracelets and earrings and matching sets. Nothing fancy or made of sterling silver, just simple and fun pieces that aren’t expensive. I plan to make some Steampunk pieces and maybe get back to making clay charms for bracelets and earrings later on in the year.

Now, I’m not doing this just for creative outlet. I would LIKE to make some money :). So if you happen so see a piece you like, buy it? If you want something in a certain color or theme, let me know, I do custom work. Share the link with friends you think are interested. I would appreciate it!

You guys rock.





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