Ode to a Faithful Car (and a lesson about choices)

Published January 20, 2013 by christinenorris

Last Wednesday was miserable. It was pouring rain all night. Such a storm that a girl who was driving drunk smashed into a telephone pole down the street and took out my power. (She was okay)

I got up to a downpour (with power restored) and got myself together, which these days takes a little longer, since I have a couple of extra chores for awhile. My husband had abdominal surgery almost two weeks ago and can’t really bend or lift anything. So I was out the door on time, remembering everything, which for me last week was an accomplishment.

I decided to take a different route to work, because of the rain and the traffic. I made another choice to stay straight instead of taking a left hand turn. I went to an intersection that stinks on a good day and tried to make a left hand turn.

I got hit by a pickup truck.

The whole thing seems pretty surreal. If I had not gone a different way or if I had taken the left earlier, I probably would not have had the accident. Deliberate choices that led me to a specific point in time. I wasn’t trying to beat the guy or rush out into traffic or anything, I just didn’t see him. If I had written this bit in a manuscript, people would tell me its too coincidental. Life happens that way sometimes.

Yeah, it hurt, but I’m okay. Nothing broken but the car, and that upset me enough. I loved my car. It was the newest car I’d ever owned, the first car I bought all by myself.


I was diligent in keeping it clean, no food and no drink but water in the car. I had 18 payments left.  It was good on gas and reliable. My mechanic loved how easy it was to maintain. And, I discovered, it was safe. The airbags did their job, and the damage to the truck, they tell me, was extensive. My car didn’t look so bad…


but the insurance company totaled it. Goodbye, little car. You were great.

Now, if you’ve known me for any amount of time, I believe things happen for a reason. You can’t always get what you want, you get what you need. I have no idea the reason for this, except to make me have to go to court and pay fines and test out my insurance company (they have been great).  But… now I need a new car. And I got to go car shopping. I was sad to have to do it, but since there was no other choice, I put it in my mind that it had to be done.

And now I have, this…


It’s the same make and model of car I had, but newer, with upgrades and new features. I drove about four different cars, looked at even more, before I decided on this one. I am picky about my car. I want a used car that looks and drives as close to new as possible. This was the one that spoke to me as I was driving– as well as the one in the best shape inside and with the lowest mileage ( c’mon, I’m not that much of a girl, I know how to car shop). It was a great price and I am in love with it already.

And it’s RED. I have never owned a red car. Son, who went with me, approves.

So maybe there was some reason for me to have an accident and have to buy a new car. THIS car. Because apparently it has kind of an interesting history (it was a rental, then someone bought it, but owned it just over a month before he or she sold it again, which makes me wonder what happened in their life that they gave it up) and had just arrived at the dealership, like, three days ago. So who knows.

Old car, you were great and served me well. I’m sorry for how it all turned out. New car…I love you!


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