It’s Time to do something Awesome

Published February 18, 2013 by christinenorris

A few weeks back, a friend from work posted the sign her son had made and put above his bed.

“Get up, go to school. It’s time to do something Awesome.”

Wow. I just can’t get that out of my head.

I have a friend, James, who calls himself an Awesomist. I think he’s pretty well filled the job, because he’s living the way he wants and doing everything he wants to do and being off-the-charts successful at it. I’ve been thinking for awhile that I need…something. Writing has been feeling flat, no joy. We’re getting there, but even reading hasn’t been helping. Don’t have the time or energy to promote lately either, which is sad. Maybe it’s the weather, but I need a kick in the butt.

First kick in the butt: I was invited to speak to a writer’s group by a woman at my gym. The group was originally led by a self-published author, giving a class, but they have been feeling less than inspired by her and wanted me to come and give my perspective.  It was fun.

Second kick in the butt: I was invited to speak to a group of school children at the local Friends’ School to open their book fair. I had a great time, it was so nice to feel appreciated and sign some books.

So, things are going, but life keeps pulling me down. Still feeling lackadaisical. Bleh. I have been toying around with getting back into performance for awhile, but nothing inspired me. Just don’t have the stamina for musicals anymore, no time for rehearsals that a play would demand, not while the Boy is in three sports and playing the sax and I’m working full time and trying to write books.

Now an opportunity has come along. A friend at work, one of the music teachers, tells me about a choir she’s in. A community choir, practices once a week. My H.S. director, who has retired, is now directing this choir. She says I should come and sing, that my old teacher would be happy to have me. She showed me the music, it is beautiful. I used to sing in H.S. all the time. Musicals. Vocale Ensemble. Solo in the Senior Concert. I want to go.

My husband thinks I’m weird. He forgets that this was our wedding:



That this is my favorite show:

And that I also like football, basketball, and soccer. He married a weird girl.

I want to give this a go. Because it’s time to do something Awesome.


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