Published June 2, 2013 by christinenorris

I realized (after someone asked), that I hadn’t posted the contract terms for Palomino Press. They are the same as for Dark Quest and here are the basics:

Base terms are straight royalties, no advance.
10% royalty on print books
50% royalty on ebooks
Plus 10 author copies.
50% author discount.
I believe the contract is for three years.
There is some room for negotiation on terms.
Royalties are paid twice a year.
Next, we have set up a FB page for the imprint: Palomino FB page. Come and like us. Right now we’re a little bare, but once we get close to the first book’s launch, there will be plenty going on. I will also use it as an update point for the press in general, like submissions stuff and all that.
I may, at some point, also grab a Twitter account name for it, so as to disseminate information quickly through there as well.
Meanwhile, I’ve had a few subs and am reading now so that I don’t get swamped later.  As I said before, I have a clear image in my head what I want for this imprint. I will be tough, but if you give me something that dazzles, I will absolutely read it. Of course I want cross-over appeal (YA-adult), because that’s what’s going on, and because I AM an adult lover of YA books.
Carry on.



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