Pitcharama and the answers to questions no one really asked…

Published June 18, 2013 by christinenorris

Okay, so I went to the NJSCBWI conference about a week and a half ago. I gave a workshop on publishing (which was well received), and I took two others I really found interesting. One was about social media, and the other was about branding. And it got me thinking that I need to do some revamping here on the blog. I mean, my blog and website are both of similar styles, pink and glittery, which is me all over. But content-wise, I need to do some serious consideration on the content.

I write YA, and I should be focused on things YA. But there are tons of books about YA stuff. I will include YA stuff in my new blog content. I won’t be reviewing books (and I talked about why HERE), but I will do interviews and movie reviews and stuff like that. But, I am also kind of a geek. So I will quite possibly start blogging about that — letting my Geek Flag Fly if you will. I could talk all day about stuff like Firefly, and Doctor Who, and Warehouse 13. And since I write fantasy, it’s a good tie-in. Anyway, look for that soon.

Moving on…

I was picked in the top 24 for Pitcharama! Now it’s on to the editors round, on June 28th, where the editors for nine small publishers will look over all the pitches and choose which to read. I have been submitting Smoke & Mirrors on my own (again) for about a month. I have one that has been taking a good long look, but I need options. And pitch contests are fun 🙂

Some people might ask (and no one has yet, but it’s a legitimate question), why I haven’t given the manuscript to Palomino. I’m the acquisitions editor, after all.  One might think, what’s wrong with the publisher that their own AE hasn’t even published with them? There’s NOTHING wrong with them, at all. Please, if you have something, submit!  The reason is that if I were to publish the book with them, someone might think it’s a conflict of interest. It doesn’t always look good for the imprint’s editor to have one of the first books come out with her name on it.

But then I look around and see other people have done just that and it seems to be okay. So I still have that option, but I had already submitted the book before I had the imprint, so I’m letting it play out.  We’ll see how it goes.  Just because you get an offer on a book doesn’t mean you have to take it.



One comment on “Pitcharama and the answers to questions no one really asked…

  • I think the cross-demographic between young adult and geekdom is large enough to where you wouldn’t be taking undue risk by posting things about Firefly.

    Besides, when people find you have interesting things to say about their culture preferences, they will be more prone to nab up your various titles!

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