Pitcharama and the Art of (manuscript) Submission

Published July 1, 2013 by christinenorris

     Pitcharama was pretty fun. I enjoyed stalking my entry for 24 hours, following the Twitter hashtag, and rooting for my fellow Team Katie entrants. See, each member of the Aussie Owned and Read blog chose three each from the original entries to ‘sponsor’, I guess, in the contest. The editors came and I got three requests! One from Turquoise Morning Press, one from Escape Publishing (an Aussie imprint of Harlequin, if you can believe it), and one from Curiosity Quills. All small to smaller presses, all with something different to offer. Not that they will. Offer, that is.

These were just requests. And all three asked for something different — one wanted the whole manuscript, one wanted three chapters, one wanted five. Which is how submitting usually goes, everyone has different guidelines and you NEED  to, MUST, follow them. It doesn’t look good if you can’t follow basic directions. Either you look unprofessional, or you look like a jerk who thinks rules don’t apply to them.

So here we are, just waiting now. I also have the other publisher who has the manuscript and is still considering. They asked for more time, actually, because they were ‘intrigued’. It may end up being nothing, but intrigued is good. I like intrigued. Meanwhile, I chew my acrylic nails down to nubs and tell myself how I should be working on the new manuscripts and not checking my email every two minutes.

Ah, the glamorous, glorious life of a writer. You know you want it.


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