New Blog Schedule

Published July 7, 2013 by christinenorris

So, I think I’ve got the blog scheduling thing worked out.  As in, what features will be on what day.  As of now, it looks like this:

Media Monday:  TV Rewind, Movie stuff, cool new apps, and media nonsense.

Tuesday: God/Goddess of the Week

Wednesday : Geek Pick of the Week

Thursday: Ten Questions with… (Author Interviews)

Friday: Steampunk Spotlight

Weekends will be for random stuff, since I know nobody actually reads blogs on the weekends. Meanwhile, if you have requests for topics within this featured framework (like, say, you have something that would be really cool for Geek Pick of the Week, want me to talk about a specific TV show, or have a company that I can feature for Steampunk Spotlight), please hit me up in the comments. Also, if you are an author and want to do an interview, email me. Preference will go to authors with upcoming releases, but of course I will try and fit everyone in.

This week will be a little sporadic, as I’m not actually quite ready for this, but I will spend the week getting ahead so that these things actually happen the way they are supposed to.



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