Geek Peek of the Week: Tea and Tentacles

Published July 17, 2013 by christinenorris

Doctor Who Necklace,Tardis, Police Box, Dr Who, Dalek, Gallifreyan, Spacey Wacey, Timey Wimey, Blue T652As some of you know, I have my own Etsy shop. I make beaded jewelry, occasionally with Steampunk themes, sometimes sculpted polymer clay charms. I want to do more of those, just need to find the time. But I was poking around on Etsy the other day and found this shop: Tea and Tentacles. Now, that name is just awesome, first of all. But she has all these handmade necklaces that reflect all the Geek fandoms you could imagine. (I really want that TARDIS starry night one.) There’s an Audrey Hepburn one (Kim Bacellia! Audrey Hepburn!), there is a Game of Thrones necklace, and some Steampunk pendants. Alice. In. Wonderland.  FIREFLY!!

I could get myself in big trouble shopping there too long…

So Tea and Tentacles is my Geek Pick of the Week. Go and patronize them, buy stuff and support small business!


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