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Published August 7, 2013 by christinenorris

I don’t have a Geek Pick of the Week this week. I know, I’m breaking all the rules this week, aren’t I? I didn’t have a chance to find one, but more than that I’m really surprised by something that happened. Last week I posted a couple of times about the new Vera Bradley Disney line of bags. I did it just because I am newly in love with VB, and because I have always liked Disney, and because in general I love pretty bags. No, really. Ask my husband. I have a bag for everything.

Those posts have gotten more views than anything else I’ve ever posted on the blog. Really. It’s crazy, but more people have found the blog by searching for Vera Bradley Disney than anything else. Which tells me that I’m obviously not blogging about the right things usually. I mean, I love my Media Mondays, and all the other features, but I guess that if I want traffic here I have to give the people what they want.

So from now on, I guess Fridays will be dedicated to something…fabulous. I’ll do some blogs about how to be a fashionista on a budget, Vera stuff, or whatever I can to figure out the magic formula for getting people to read the blog.  Maybe that means I’m selling out, I don’t know. But since it’s stuff I really do like, I guess I’m not.

See you tomorrow! Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of three of the new Vera patterns for fall. From left to right, they are : Heather, Cocoa Moss, and Lola. There are three others as well: Bittersweet. Olivia Pink (which is nice, mostly because it’s PINK), and La Neon Rose.

My favorite: Heather. It’s not pink, but it is gorgeous!



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