Look Who’s Been Playing with Clay again –Pt. 2

Published August 14, 2013 by christinenorris

So I’ve spent a few days in the studio, playing with my new toys. I finally got my hands on some proper tools, and a toaster oven. Which has proven to be the most trying part, because I used to use my oven, which is gas. The toaster oven is calibrated differently and electric. I burned a whole bunch of stuff before I realized that I needed to turn the temperature down and just cook it longer, because the clay gets really close to the elements.

Anyhoo, I also purchased a book about making miniature clay food and made a couple of things out of it. Mostly it was good practice for working with the clay. I made a few things that will go up on my Etsy store, and plan on making more. Because, quite frankly, it’s fun to turn lumps of clay into recognizable shapes. I also worked on other…stuff. Which came out MUCH better than the last time.

2013-08-14 11.52.19

A variety of Police Boxes. I think the style on the left will be what I go with. The two lighter ones, second and third to the left, will become a pair of earrings. The far left will be a bracelet charm, to go with these:

2013-08-14 11.56.25

A MUCH better Sonic Screwdriver than last time (again, easier when you have the right tools), and River Song’s diary. Also, these, which are AWESOME.

2013-08-14 11.52.48I used a ball stylus to make indentations in the clay to hold the little black balls, and some liquid clay to make sure they stayed put. Also, I have switched to Premo clay, which is a little harder than Sculpey. And I learned that I should quench the pieces when they’re done to make them super hard and strong. This guy took some time, but I think once I get the process down it will go faster.

 2013-08-14 11.53.582013-08-14 11.54.13

These were a bit of work. They are two different styles, and I think I like the one on the right best. I will combine the way I do things from both the next time. I like the dress on the one on the left, but the the hands and wings from the one on the right. It’s a work in progress.

Oh, and these are small, FYI. How small? I put a bottle of acrylic paint next to them for scale:

2013-08-14 11.54.58

I have ideas for Harry Potter charms too. Next time I get time to work on them. Meanwhile I also finally pretty much perfected my large hole beads:

2013-08-14 11.57.25These are the kind that will fit the Pandora-style bracelets. The leopard skin ones are a bit big, because they are covered with a cane that I made, and I haven’t quite got them down yet. But they are easy enough as swirled/marbled. I will probably make a bunch of different kinds and sell them as mixed batches.


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