Media Monday — Fall TV Preview

Published August 26, 2013 by christinenorris

OUAT-Villains-once-upon-a-time-32825846-1600-1000I’m back! Things just got away from me in the last couple of weeks, but I’m here now and working on keeping up with this blog schedule. One way is to pre-write posts a bunch at a time, which I will try to do. 

It’s the end of August, and we all know what that means. Back to school. End of beach days. Winter is coming (ha!). And…fall TV. The new fall lineup always excited me as a kid, my favorite shows picking back up where they left off, new shows taking a shot at grabbing some market share. This fall will see the return of some of the shows I can’t wait to get back to, like:

N.C.I.S. (CBS)– with the leaked news that Cote de Pablo is leaving the show during the premiere, it makes me sad, but I love this show, so I can’t wait to see how they write her off. I know they won’t kill her character, like they did with Sasha Alexander (who is now rocking’ it on Rizzoli & Isles, so I can’t complain about that one), but it’ll be interesting and sad to see her goodbye.

C.S.I (CBS)– I know, what’s with the acronyms? I’ve watched this show since day one, and of the two ‘spin-offs’, I only like the NYC one as much as the original. The big question at the end of last season was “Where are Ellie and Morgan?” Brass’s and Eckley’s daughters are missing, Morgan seeming to disappear before our eyes.  Sources say someone will die, and the premiere begins at a memorial service, but don’t know who it is yet. 

Bones (FOX)– If someone looked at my DVR, they’d think I was planning a murder. But again, love this show. Booth broke of the engagement with Bones after Pelant threatened to kill five people if he didn’t. I hear they will eventually get married, but it won’t come easy. Good. 

Revolution (NBC)– I cannot wait to see what happens now that the power is back on and that idiot released all the missiles…

Once Upon A Time (ABC) — While the show fell a little flat for me in Season 2, Season 3’s trip to Neverland promises a return to adventure and life-or-death situations and more flashbacks from the Enchanted Forest. I hope they leave the soap opera back in Storybrooke. 

Arrow (CW) — I have to admit…I’ve never seen this show. I should, especially now that John Barrowman is on it. Bad fangirl!

Grimm– I am not caught up on this, so don’t spoil it!! 

OF COURSE, how can we forget…

NEW Doctor Who (the 50th anniversary show AND the Christmas Special) !!!!!

NEW Sherlock (sometime…)

Next week I’ll post about NEW shows that I think I need to watch… 🙂

What returning shows are you looking forward to this fall??



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