Hallo? Anyone home?

Published January 5, 2014 by christinenorris


*door opens with an eerie creak*

Boy, it’s dark in here. *Blows cobwebs out of face*

“Hallo? Anyone home?”

*crickets and creepy echo*

Wow, I nearly forgot all about this place I haven’t been here in forever. *Clicks on the light*

“Ahh! Look at all this! What a mess!”

*voice echoes in huge, empty blog space*

Yes, it’s me. Again. Sigh. Once again, I have let life get away from me and not been here to blog since, what, early November? Yikes. There was so much going on, I guess, but there always is. I had nothing dragging me to blog about… Well, that’s not true. I have ALL KINDS OF THINGS to tell you, but I can’t yet. Things have happened. BIG, giant enormous THINGS. Soon, though. And I guess because of those THINGS I will have to do better. Again. 

2014 I will blog more. I will try to be entertaining and informative. It may not always work that way, sorry, but I’ll give it a go. I do have a post stored that will go up, and two Ten Questions With interviews. But I just cannot do this every day. The God/Goddess of the week posts seemed to get a lot of traffic, as did the Media Mondays.. I might keep those features as long as I have something to write. 

Other than that, we’re flying by the seat of our pants, gang. This oughta be good.

Just as soon as I clean up all this dust. *coughs*

Happy New Year!!!



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