So…that happened. Publishing nightmares become real.

Published June 25, 2014 by christinenorris

I guess enough time has passed that I’m ready to talk about what happened last week. You’ve all most likely heard the news, or read my FB or Twitter to know what that my publisher closed up shop very suddenly.

I got the call on Thursday afternoon, after what had already been a trying day. My agent texted me and said we needed to talk. About the book. She broke it to me gently, but it was still painful. Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A, the YA and mystery imprints of Angry Robot books, were cut. Effective immediately. Last Thursday.

I was sick over it. Really nauseous. Panicked a bit, even. This wasn’t supposed to happen! I had a contract with a very respectable and well-known publisher. This wasn’t supposed to be the way it went.

But it did. Crash and burn. There was the reason for the unexplained cover delay. And here I am with an orphaned book. A Curse of Ash and Iron will not be coming out in September. Now that I’ve had a little distance, well, it still sucks. Big time. BUT…

–it didn’t happen after the book came out. Those poor authors’ books are in limbo for a bit.

–it didn’t happen in the middle of a series. Those are a tough sell.

— I hadn’t yet put money down on a launch party venue or spent anything on promotion.

It could have ended MUCH worse. I have to thank my editor Amanda Rutter and the publicity manager Caroline Lambe for being SO insanely supportive. They’ve been great from day one, and I know they’re feeling just as awful as I am.

I am still going to CONvergence next week, because I said I would. I’m on panels, I have other books to promote to a new audience. And I could use a vacation, why not Minneapolis? I’ve never been. I ordered 100 Library of Athena  series postcards to sign and give away.  If you see me there, ask for one. I’m going to get a shiny silver paint pen to sign them with.

The outpouring of support from fans and other authors has been tremendous. Twitter kind of blew up that day with sympathy and messages of support. People pre-ordered my book AFTER the news broke as a sign of support.

And I love all you guys for that.  Really, I was totally touched. And though it felt like someone had punched me in the gut, it’ll be okay. We still have the manuscript, and it’s been WELL edited. Some lucky publisher is going to snatch it up, because most of the work’s already done. I fully expect to have a new announcement in the near future. The book WILL be read, just not on the previously released schedule. I hope those who wanted to read it before will STILL want to get it when we find it a new home.

I promise, it’ll be all right. Meanwhile, I’m excited to go to NJSCBWI this weekend. I think I need some time among my people, to laugh and get back into the right frame of mind.

Thanks, and hang in there!



One comment on “So…that happened. Publishing nightmares become real.

  • Christine, it was an honour and a pleasure working with you. My very best wishes to you and A Curse of Ash and Iron. I’m sure we’ll stay in touch, and thank you for your kind words x

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