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Published April 7, 2015 by christinenorris

I’ve joined Patreon. What is that? It’s a crowdfunding site specifically for the arts. In the old days, artist, musicians, writers had patrons. People who paid them to live while they made art. That is what Patreon is about.

How does it work?

Well, you pledge to donate a certain amount of money for each piece of whatever the artist is doing. As little as a dollar per item, if you choose. There are rewards for pledging more. Some people make videos or sing songs, some draw something. Whatever it is, it’s specific to the site, so ONLY patrons can see. Each time the artist posts, you pay your money. I am personally posting writing bits: things I’ve written that never made it into a book, videos, writing advice, patron-only snippets of whatever.

Personally, I’m going to post things once a week, to keep it manageable and not break anyone’s bank. Any money I get from patrons will be used toward writing career stuff — postage, promotional material (which I can give away to patrons as well), fees, travel. In the summer I don’t have money coming in, so some might go toward bills so that I can keep writing and not have to get a summer job. It’s like a rolling kickstarter but without one big project for the money to go to.

I know, I work full time, so why am I asking for Patrons? Because, like everyone else, I have bills. I keep my writing completely separate from my household stuff. I budget what I get in royalties but if I want to do more for my career, it’s going to take some dough. Every little bit helps.

The point is to support artists making art. My Patreon page, if you’d like to be a patron is right here: Christine’s Patreon Page. If you choose to support me, thanks!


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