This is what going on vacation looks like — A Family Disney Adventure

Published July 9, 2015 by christinenorris

I’m giving you all a break from posts about CURSE — don’t worry, I have more scheduled. Since I am getting ready to go on vacation.

To Disney.

In July.

Being in education, there is really only one time to go on vacation. Summer. And my son earned his Disney vacation by getting Honor Roll every marking period for four straight years. He really did. And he’s leaving elementary school and starting middle school, so this is like a graduation present, too. When I started planning this expedition, I thought it would be easy. The travel agent we used DID make it simple — she did the itinerary, made the dining reservations, hooked up our stuff to Disney so that we can just relax.

Now we have to pack. Again, I thought it would be simple. We just pick out our clothes, pack all our stuff, and go. Then I started reading the sites and watching the videos about how to pack.

How. To. Pack. For. Disney.

This is like a cottage industry, folks. And people really spend TONS of time thinking about this. Way too much time. But hey, it helped me to feel like I needed to be way more nervous. So I, too, started strategizing about how to attack packing for this vacation so that we would get maximum enjoyment from our trip.

Here is what my dining room table looks like.

2015-07-09 07.56.47

There are mini spritzer fans, collapsible water bottles, hand wipes, rain ponchos, cooling towels, sunscreen, first aid kit, batteries, chargers, powder, and a ton of other stuff that I can’t even begin to list. Most of this is JUST for taking into the parks. I bought two cinch bags for us to use as well, as that was what was suggested.

I take less stuff when I go to a con. And I pack 2-3 costumes for those. Including corsets.

I did get some good tips from the sites, mainly to put all the small stuff in ziploc baggies. Great way to keep everything organized and dry. I feel like I’m going on safari and we haven’t even started packing regular stuff like clothes yet.

So, while I go crazy making sure my luggage isn’t over the weight limit for the plane and that the TSA isn’t going to want to do a strip search because I accidentally left a liquid in my carry on, you guys enjoy the posts I have scheduled for when I’m away.

Have a great week, lovelies!


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