More Vera Bradley Disney bags???

Published July 10, 2015 by christinenorris

When Vera Bradley announced that it would be doing a Disney line in 2013, I was really excited! I love Disney, and I love Vera. My husband would say I have a bag addition. Well, maybe, but I need something to carry around my books in, right?

I actually got a Mousin’ Around hipster online to take on our vacation:

2015-07-10 07.08.18

Which has since been retired, by the way, so I’m glad I got it. I went looking to see what else they have now. OMG, guys. There are NEW patterns!

Mickey Mouse Icon Laser Cut Tote by Vera Bradley

Laser cut– not my thing, but very nice. A sophisticated, grown up Disney bag.

Mickey Mouse Icon Triple Zip Hipster Bag by Vera Bradley - Fuchsia

This one’s more my style — because it’s PINK. It comes in Black, too, though. Still, a more subtle pattern than most.

Mickey's Perfect Petals Hipster Bag by Vera Bradley

Mickey’s Perfect Petals. I don’t know about the color, but the pattern is super cute! I can’t remember if Disney Dreamin’ is new or not, but it’s also cute — almost like Mousin’ Around, but in Blue:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Disney Dreaming Hipster Bag by Vera Bradley

Midnight with Mickey and Where’s Mickey? are still around, haven’t been retired yet. I see a couple that are on sale, though, so they might be retiring this year.

I am going to Disney next week, and Downtown Disney is our first stop. Maybe I’ll come home with a new bag…. And did I mention that the new outlet mall opening near me will eventually have a Vera Bradley outlet??? Yikes, I may be in trouble!


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