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Ten Questions with…Kim Baccellia

Published July 11, 2013 by christinenorris

Welcome to the FIRST Ten Questions with…feature here on the blog. Today I’m happy to welcome my friend Kim Baccellia, who just launched her new book!


  • 1.Welcome to the blog, Kim. Tell us a little about yourself, and about NO MORE GODDESSES.

Hi!  My name is Kim Baccellia and I’m the YA author of CROSSED OUT; EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA; and now NO MORE GODDESSES.


2. How did you come up with the idea for this book? What kinds of things inspired you?

The whole premise behind NO MORE GODDESSES came to me on one of my daily runs after I’d received yet another rejection on CROSSED OUT.  The editor who gave me some great feedback on CO did give me a seed of an idea.  She happened to be with a romance imprint at that time.  It got me thinking what if there was a teen who totally loved romance, a 50’s icon, vintage clothing and somehow was able to get people together only at a cost.  I went with the idea and pitched it to the one editor, who loved it and wanted more.  I then tried to find an icon that I thought would be ‘perfect’ for a teen.  I came up with Audrey Hepburn.  The Egyptian part came from my fascination with Egyptian mythology.  It helped to have a sister who just happened to be married to an Egyptian national and who was studying to be an Egyptologist. 

3. Tell us something no one else knows about the book—a ‘behind the scenes’ moment.

I listened to tons of Taylor Swift while writing this story. You should see my iPod list!  The song Love Story basically was the theme song to NO MORE GODDESSES.

  • 4. If you could go anywhere with your main character, where would it be? What would you do?

Paris, France.  Jordan mentions this city of her dreams more than once in NO MORE GODDESSES.  We’d totally reenact some of the attics of her favorite icon Audrey Hepburn.

  • 5. What are five things most readers don’t know about you?

Hmmm.  Let’s see.   I really want a cat.

Since I’m allergic to milk this means no ice cream.  I miss Rocky Road ice cream.  Pout

I’m related to President Martin Van Buren.  

After my mother remarried, there’s now 12 kids in my extended family.  My mother always said she wanted a dozen kids!  Now she does!

I love yoga

6. Pantser or plotter?

A plotter.  I’m totally anal that way.  I have to write out lists/outlines but that doesn’t mean that I can’t change things.  More than a few times I’ve changed names: Selena was originally Madison but I wanted to have more diversity in my story.  In Crossed Out I had two alternating POVs.  So yes, whatever’s in my outline isn’t set in stone.

7. Favorite junk food?

Changes.  Right now love Starbucks mocha decaf soy fraps without whip cream.  I also love dark chocolate raisins.  Nom

8. Camping or hotel with room service?

Hate camping. 

For me it’s hotel with room service! 

9.What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on book two in the Goddesses series.  Also I have a more edgier story that I’m working on. 

10. Anything else you want readers to know about NO MORE GODDESSES?

I’m going to have a virtual book tour for the month of August with a fun Audrey Hepburn-ish giveaway!


You can purchase No More Goddesses at:


Barnes and Noble

Zumaya Publishing