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Ten Questions With…Tiffany Trent

Published January 10, 2014 by christinenorris

I have a teeny-weeny confession to make. I’ve had this interview for MONTHS. I’ve been hanging on to it, never seeming to find the time to get it up here. But that works out well, actually, since Tiffany’s new book, THE TINKER KING, comes out next month! I personally loved THE UNNATURALISTS, and I can’t wait to get my grubby paws on the next book 🙂

I also have a bit of a fan-girl squee here: Tiffany and I BOTH have stories in a Steampunk Fairy-Tale anthology, GASLIGHT AND GRIMM, coming from Dark Quest books later this Spring. *squee*

Welcome to the blog, Tiffany. Tell us a little about yourself, and about THE TINKER KING.

THE TINKER KING is a sequel to THE UNNATURALISTS and follows the adventures of Syrus Reed, Vespa Nyx, and their friends as they struggle with the consequences of their actions in the previous book. In addition to THE TINKER KING, I’m the author of THE UNNATURALISTS and the HALLOWMERE series. I’ve also published short stories, essay, and poems. When I’m not writing, I’m usually out playing with my bees, chickens, or garden.

How did you come up with the idea for this book? What kinds of things inspired you? 

We knew we wanted a sequel to UNNATURALISTS. So much was left unfinished and I felt that Fairyland naturally had a long history before the Victorians arrived that would certainly influence its future once magic was again free. I was very inspired by a trip I’d taken to the Forbidden City in Beijing in 2005. The older parts of the city of Scientia were definitely influenced by my time in Beijing and my longing to visit Xian.

Tell us something no one else knows about the book—a ‘behind the scenes’ moment.

There was a character in this book that I have tried to put in every UNNATURALISTS book, and once again, I ended up having to yank her out at the 11th hour.

If you could go anywhere with your main character, where would it be? What would you do?

Despite the dangers, I would love to sail the Winedark Sea with Vespa and friends to Newtonia and the deserts beyond which are the homeland of Piskel the sylph.

What are five things most readers don’t know about you?

I…don’t know what they don’t know. J

Pantser or plotter?

A little of both, frankly.
Favorite junk food?

Trying to abstain from junk food, but I do have an almost irresistible fondness for strawberry-flavored soft Australian licorice.

Camping or hotel with room service?

I can no longer camp with any degree of comfort, but a B&B or cabin with a supportive bed is great.

What’s next for you?

Working on a middle-grade novel.

Anything else you want readers to know about THE TINKER KING?

It has airships and a Kraken and…well, I guess they’ll see in February 2014!!


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Published August 13, 2013 by christinenorris

Okay, so I have been slacking. I admit it. I have spent the last few days in my basement studio, playing with clay, learning how the new oven works with the clay and what temperature to set it at so as to not burn the clay (I have thrown away quite a few items in the last few days), and working on new stuff.  I will post pics of them soon, because they are SO CUTE!

Not been blogging, and I need to catch up.  I have a list of things I COULD blog about, but I’d like to know what YOU want to see.

So, leave me a comment and let me know what kinds of things you want me to blog about. What god or goddess should be next? Do you have a business to suggest for my Geek Pick of the Week? Something cool for Media Monday? Suggest an author for me to interview for Ten Questions With…! Do you want some polymer clay and/or jewelry making tips? Publishing stuff? Writing stuff? More Vera stuff — what specifically? Another topic you want me to blog about?

Give me your suggestions!

Ten Questions With…Christine Hughes

Published August 8, 2013 by christinenorris

chris3Today on the blog I interview Christine Hughes, author of TORN, which comes out TOMORROW!

  • 1. Welcome to the blog, Christine. Tell us a little about yourself, and about TORN.

Hi!  My name is Christine Hughes and I’m the author of TORN, a YA paranormal, its sequel – the soon to be released Darkness Betrayed – and the Women’s Fiction Three Days of Rain.

  • 2. How did you come up with the idea for this book? What kinds of things inspired you?

I was watching the final episode of season 1 of the Vampire Diaries – Founder’s Day. A song came on when Elena was dancing with Damon, as Stefan was going all Vamp-crazy, and suddenly the entire storyline for TORN popped into my head. I immediately downloaded the song and built a playlist around it. That’s the kind of thing that inspires me – songs, lyrics… I have a playlist for everything I write, everything I think I want to write.

3. Tell us something no one else knows about the book—a ‘behind the scenes’ moment.

It wasn’t originally supposed to be about angels! That characterization happened organically and at the time I queried, I kicked myself. Rejection after rejection said the same thing – angels are over. One agent even went so far as to ask if I would change the angel aspect. When I asked “To what/” she replied, “Anything but angels.”

4. If you could go anywhere with your main character, where would it be? What would you do?

Samantha needs a break. A moment to actually grieve for her father. I’d probably take her somewhere secluded so she could do that properly.

5. What are five things most readers don’t know about you?

I met my husband when I was 14.

I love the cartoon Avatar – The Last Airbender

I am a klutz.

I’m not a big fan of chocolate  – or sweets in general. I’d rather eat something salty. Chocolate covered pretzels are the exception.

I think cheeseburgers are the greatest gift to mankind.

6. Pantser or plotter?

Panster. All the way. I am so unorganized when I try to plan.

7. Favorite junk food?

Pizza. (Cheeseburgers are not allowed to be considered junk food)

  • 8.  Camping or hotel with room service?

ROOM SERVICE!!! Camping? Bugs? No electricity? No thank you.

9. What’s next for you?

Working on an untitled thriller – mash together Clue, Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and Lois Duncan’s I Know What You Did Last Summer (book, not movie) and you’ll have an idea.

  • 10. Anything else you want readers to know about TORN?

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing has picked it up and added a shiny new cover, so it’s changed publishers. The sequel will be out next month!

 My publisher: http://www.crushingheartsandblackbutterfly.com


Ten Questions With…Katie Lee

Published August 1, 2013 by christinenorris

FrontCoverJAmazonConverted (1)This week’s Ten Questions interviewee is Katie Lee, who has just released her book, WHAT ENDURES. It’s a romance, and I guess I’d call it New Adult, not YA.

1. Welcome to the blog, Katie. Tell us a little about yourself, and about WHAT ENDURES.

Thanks for having me! “What Endures” is not your typical romance.  It’s a great story about what real love is, what it can survive and withstand. Plot-wise, it’s about two people – Jason and Megan – who fell in love as teenagers. But they ended up breaking up and then reconnecting years later. And as they are about to get married, Jason ends up in a terrible car accident that robs him of most of his memories. So now he and Megan have the daunting task of rebuilding their lives.


2.How did you come up with the idea for this book? What kinds of things inspired you?

All kinds of things inspire me. Other books. TV commercials. Food.Things I see as I’m commuting to work. For this particular book, it was a show about Alzheimer’s. I remember being so moved by the stories about how that love connection between two people remain, even as one of them is losing their grip on reality and their memories are fading.  I started wondering if that could be true in a couple that was younger, and obviously because Alzheimer’s doesn’t afflict those in their 20’s, I had to give one of them amnesia.

3. Tell us something no one else knows about the book—a ‘behind the scenes’ moment.

I like small baseball fields in parks. They’re great places to think and meditate (as long as no one is playing a game). Jason needed a high profile career. He was originally an NBA player but I wanted to change that and remembering how much I like those little baseball fields, he became an MLB player and the field where he meets Megan became a pivotal part of the plot.

4. If you could go anywhere with your main character, where would it be? What would you do?

Well, assuming Megan’s okay with it (LOL) – I’d take Jason on a trip to Europe. I think that boy can use some culture. He’s that all-American boy and they are yummy – don’t get me wrong – but I think some world culture would be good for him.  We’d start in Switzerland and ski (we could both learn), then make our way to Italy where we’d eat, eat, eat and then to France where he could reunite with Megan for a romantic rendez-vous.

5. What are five things most readers don’t know about you?

(1)    I have zero hand-eye coordination. Playing any sport that requires this often results in me getting hurt.

(2)    I’m fluent in American Sign Language

(3)    I was born in Vietnam

(4)    I love cooking and most of my books contain some kind of food reference

(5)    Speaking of food – my favorite cuisine is French – but I can’t cook it!

6. Pantser or plotter?


7. Favorite junk food?


8. Camping or hotel with room service?

Hotel with room service. My three camping experiences have all been magnificent disasters. I can take a hint. J

9. What’s next for you?

More books to be published and I’m always writing. I’m trying to finish up a three book series about the wackiness of Hollywood.

10. Anything else you want readers to know about “What Endures”?

It can be purchased on August 1, 2013 –

In paperback – http://www.amazon.com/What-Endures-Katie-Lee/dp/1490997008/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375230641&sr=8-1&keywords=what+endures+katie+lee

As an e-book – http://www.amazon.com/What-Endures-ebook/dp/B00E7JO69G/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1375230700&sr=1-1&keywords=what+endures+katie+lee

Thanks, Katie! You can find out more about Katie at the following places:

Blog – www.katieleeauthor.blogspot.com

Twitter – @KatieLeeAuthor

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Katie-Lee-Author/156275257894007?ref=hl

Ten Questions With…Christine Marciniak

Published July 18, 2013 by christinenorris

Cover 6-2-2013This week’s Ten Questions With interviewee is Christine Marciniak, author of REALITY ALI and the upcoming sequel, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ALI.

1. Welcome to the blog, Christine! Tell us a little about yourself, and about LIGHTS, CAMERA, ALI.

Thank you so much for having me. I’m delighted to be here. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ALI is the second book in my REALITY ALI series. In the first book Ali wants to be famous like her movie star mother, but her plans back fire when her new status attracts a stalker. In LIGHTS, CAMERA, ALI we leave the Pennsylvania boarding school and Ali is in Hollywood with her mother for the Thanksgiving break. She’s ready for a nice relaxing week, but her half-brother is snatched from a playground while she’s in charge of watching him, and suddenly all the world’s attention is on Ali as the horrible big sister who let her brother disappear. She needs to find Brennan, and she needs to use the fame she hates so much as a way to do it.

2. How did you come up with the idea for this book? What kinds of things inspired you?

In a previous incarnations of one of the Ali stories, Ali is the one who gets kidnapped, but I decided it would be a more action filled story if Ali were the one trying to find the kidnapped child, as well as being partially responsible for the disappearance in the first place.

I think it is simply the world around me that inspires me. Everywhere you look there are stories. And some of them might even make a good book.

3. Tell us something no one else knows about the book—a ‘behind the scenes’ moment.

When imagining a beach house for Ali’s movie star mother to live in, I found one for sale. I patterned the house after it, and even came up with times for traveling from place to place based on that house. It seemed fit for a movie star since it was (according to the real estate ad) a former Disney Compound.

  • 4. If you could go anywhere with your main character, where would it be? What would you do?

If I could travel anywhere with Ali, I think I’d go to Europe with her. She spends part of every year there with her grandmother, so she knows her way around. Plus, her father is rich, so we could travel in style. I think I’d let her show me Paris. I’ve never been there, and that could be fun.

5. What are five things most readers don’t know about you?

1)      I married my college sweetheart.

2)      I spent a college semester in London, and never even got to half of the touristy things, but did see 15 shows on the West End.

3)      When I was sixteen I went to an immersion language camp over the summer. It would have been even more fun if I’d packed my German dictionary instead of my thesaurus.

4)      I’m a wimp when it comes to horror movies, and won’t even consider watching them.

5)      I like to do crafty things like quilt and crochet. I crochet a lot of lap blankets for donation, and I’m currently working on a new quilt for my bed.

6. Pantser or plotter?

A little bit of both. I don’t get very far in a story if I don’t have a vague idea of where it is going. Usually with that in mind, I’ll write a quick first draft, and then use that as a way to figure out where my story is really going. So I kind of pants my way through a first draft, which I use to plot out the outline of the final version.

7. Favorite junk food?

Chex Mix. Especially the kind my mom makes and always seems to have on hand during the holidays.

8. Camping or hotel with room service?

Room service is not necessary, but more than a tent definitely is. I like real bathrooms and real beds. Air conditioning is nice too. When I was a kid we used to camp a lot, but it’s not something  I’ve done as an adult. My kids complain that they missed out on the camping experience. I think they’d miss the bathrooms and beds if we were to actually give it a go.

9. What’s next for you?

There are still two books in the Ali series, so I’m working on those. Beyond Ali, I have a time travel story that I’m hoping will find a home soon. And after that…who knows.

10. Anything else you want readers to know about LIGHTS, CAMERA, ALI?

I had the hardest time finding a title for this book. Usually I have a working title as I’m writing, and this time it never got past Ali2 until the book was done and I was getting ready to send it to my publisher. Friends helped me brainstorm names, and that’s how the title came about. I think it fits the story nicely, as Ali has to learn to make the fame and the media work for her instead of against her. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ALI will be available in August, REALITY ALI is available now, if you want to find out about Ali before jumping into her second book.

profile pic


You can buy  REALITY ALI here: http://www.zumayapublications.com/title.php?id=295  And look for LIGHTS, CAMERA, ALI coming next month!

Christine’s website: www.christinemarciniak.com

Ten Questions with…Kim Baccellia

Published July 11, 2013 by christinenorris

Welcome to the FIRST Ten Questions with…feature here on the blog. Today I’m happy to welcome my friend Kim Baccellia, who just launched her new book!


  • 1.Welcome to the blog, Kim. Tell us a little about yourself, and about NO MORE GODDESSES.

Hi!  My name is Kim Baccellia and I’m the YA author of CROSSED OUT; EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA; and now NO MORE GODDESSES.


2. How did you come up with the idea for this book? What kinds of things inspired you?

The whole premise behind NO MORE GODDESSES came to me on one of my daily runs after I’d received yet another rejection on CROSSED OUT.  The editor who gave me some great feedback on CO did give me a seed of an idea.  She happened to be with a romance imprint at that time.  It got me thinking what if there was a teen who totally loved romance, a 50’s icon, vintage clothing and somehow was able to get people together only at a cost.  I went with the idea and pitched it to the one editor, who loved it and wanted more.  I then tried to find an icon that I thought would be ‘perfect’ for a teen.  I came up with Audrey Hepburn.  The Egyptian part came from my fascination with Egyptian mythology.  It helped to have a sister who just happened to be married to an Egyptian national and who was studying to be an Egyptologist. 

3. Tell us something no one else knows about the book—a ‘behind the scenes’ moment.

I listened to tons of Taylor Swift while writing this story. You should see my iPod list!  The song Love Story basically was the theme song to NO MORE GODDESSES.

  • 4. If you could go anywhere with your main character, where would it be? What would you do?

Paris, France.  Jordan mentions this city of her dreams more than once in NO MORE GODDESSES.  We’d totally reenact some of the attics of her favorite icon Audrey Hepburn.

  • 5. What are five things most readers don’t know about you?

Hmmm.  Let’s see.   I really want a cat.

Since I’m allergic to milk this means no ice cream.  I miss Rocky Road ice cream.  Pout

I’m related to President Martin Van Buren.  

After my mother remarried, there’s now 12 kids in my extended family.  My mother always said she wanted a dozen kids!  Now she does!

I love yoga

6. Pantser or plotter?

A plotter.  I’m totally anal that way.  I have to write out lists/outlines but that doesn’t mean that I can’t change things.  More than a few times I’ve changed names: Selena was originally Madison but I wanted to have more diversity in my story.  In Crossed Out I had two alternating POVs.  So yes, whatever’s in my outline isn’t set in stone.

7. Favorite junk food?

Changes.  Right now love Starbucks mocha decaf soy fraps without whip cream.  I also love dark chocolate raisins.  Nom

8. Camping or hotel with room service?

Hate camping. 

For me it’s hotel with room service! 

9.What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on book two in the Goddesses series.  Also I have a more edgier story that I’m working on. 

10. Anything else you want readers to know about NO MORE GODDESSES?

I’m going to have a virtual book tour for the month of August with a fun Audrey Hepburn-ish giveaway!


You can purchase No More Goddesses at:


Barnes and Noble

Zumaya Publishing