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Christine Norris | LitPick

Published September 21, 2014 by christinenorris

I’ve been uber-busy, but here’s an interview I did earlier in the week:


Christine Norris | LitPick.


The big announcement–take two!! Vlog!

Published September 6, 2014 by christinenorris

We’ve gotten the go ahead to let everyone know what’s going on with A CURSE OF ASH AND IRON, the book that is like a phoenix and has risen from the ashes. 

I promised a video, and here it is. *blows kisses* 


A Moment of Silence…and moving on.

Published September 2, 2014 by christinenorris

Today is the day. September 2. The day A Curse of Ash and Iron was supposed to release from Strange Chemistry. 

I look back and wonder how different my summer would have been if SC hadn’t folded. I would have been busy with blog tours and interviews and all kinds of other stuff. I wonder what the cover would have looked like. The summer would have been a whole lot different. My fall would have been different. I had a GREAT launch party idea in my head, and I had just started to make arrangements. 

So, a moment of silence for what could have been, please…

And now, moving on! 

I cannot yet give details, but I wanted to give a little hope to those who were so excited for the book to come out. A Curse of Ash and Iron  WILL be published!!! As soon as I can expand on that, I will. My agent and I worked hard on finding a FABULOUS new home for the book as soon as we could, so people wouldn’t forget about it. I’m super excited and can’t wait to share everything! The launch party WILL GO ON! There WILL be a cover reveal! And blog tours! And interviews, reviews and signings! All the things!

Meanwhile, it’s back to day-job work. My library was torn apart over the summer, and I have been working like a dog to put it all back together. I will be sporadic in posting (what’s new there, eh?) but will try and make sure that you get important information in a timely manner. Hopefully more videos! 

Until next time, my lovelies!